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          Welcome to NIPHT

          ABOUT US

          The MSAMB is promoting the development of infrastructural facilities and amenities for agricultural marketing viz. setting up of cold chain, collection centers and promotion of post harvest technologies among farmers etc. It has come to the notice of MSAMB that lack of proper post harvest management practice at farm level and beyond is a bottleneck in the development of an efficient marketing system and the farmer loose out in terms of price for their produce.



          Qualified Trainers




          Satisfied Farmers


          The Courses are designed to suit the needs of entrepreneurs, managers of greenhouse / polyhouse, agricultural extension staff, technicians of horticulture enterprises, farmers, teachers and students of agricultural universities, colleges and schools, financing institutes and skilled labours. .

          List of Courses

          Courses List in Marathi and English

          Centre of Excellence for Flowers

          The proposed Centre of Excellence will be established as training and demonstration activity and commissioned as part of National Action Plan of Indo-Dutch Cooperation Project. The goal of the Joint Action Plan is to create a governmental framework to enhance the mutual exchange of knowledge, appropriate technologies, research and capacity building and skill development programs for the development of the agricultural and rural sectors. The project will aim to demonstrate different technologies for intensive and commercially oriented cultivation of flowers in protected cultivation for improved quality and productivity. The centre will be emphasized to act as a nodal centre of demonstration, training and transfer of technology on the above aspects.

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